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Jack Armstrong Cosmic Space X
Jack Armstrong Cosmic Space X

Artist to donate $350M to save children in Ukraine

LOS ANGELES, CA, July 4, 2022

U.S. Artist pledges to donate up to $350M USD to save the children in Ukraine

American artist Jack Armstrong pledges to donate 50% from the sales of seven of his paintings valued at $700M USD to a reputable charity organisation to assist the welfare of children in the Ukraine conflict.

In a recent statement by the artist, he applauded organisations that have taken significant risks and sacrifices to help the wounded and displaced in Ukraine, focusing on the welfare of the children caught up in the conflict.

‘Children are priceless in comparison to art. I’ve dedicated a life to the pursuit of bringing art and the joy it brings into people’s lives. But children provide the greatest joy, nothing can replicate their promise of a new future and a love that gives us purpose in every day. They must be protected and know they are important to the world.’

Mr Armstrong’s recent and private battle with cancer has also made him more emotionally invested in helping organisations to save lives. At age 65, his condition has caused him to understand his mortality and sympathise with people facing the fragility of life in cancer and those surviving the atrocities of war.

The donation of 50% from the sale of seven paintings by Mr Armstrong is specifically intended for charitable organisations that directly assist children in the Ukraine conflict, providing immediate aid, such as food, water, hygiene kits, support and travel assistance.

Technically, individuals or corporations can undertake the purchase of one or more of the seven paintings on behalf of their elected charity. The seven paintings listed for this fundraiser come from Mr Armstrong’s Cosmic X collection and represent the most expensive offered by a living artist. The seven paintings are: ‘Cosmic #1’, ‘Cosmic Dream’, ‘Cosmic Space X’, ‘Cosmic X #1’, ‘Cosmic X Paradigm’, ‘The Last Wizard’ and ‘Warhol Naked’.

The seven paintings epitomise the talent of Mr Armstrong, each having a rich story behind their name while fetching prices that the art world has come to expect from modern American artists such as ‘Basquiat’ and ‘Warhol’. While a subtle difference that underlines the recent fervour for modern American art is that Mr Armstrong is the still-living member of the Warhol, Basquiat and Haring NYC ‘Art Tribe’.

Mr Armstrong’s work has been internationally recognised and embraced by Hollywood stars and celebrities alike, with many relationships born between artist and owner, including Michael Jackson, Liza Minnelli and Elizabeth Taylor. The repertoire of names and colourful stories behind many works make not only for interesting reading but also play significant roles in the creativity of many pieces.

Establishing the new art category of ‘Cosmic Extensionalism’ in 1999, Mr Armstrong fixed his artistic vision to produce only 100 pieces for the ‘Cosmic X Collection’ to magnify the importance and beauty of each piece.

Mr Armstrong’s expression of Cosmic Extensionalism (Cosmic X) was generated from a profound connection to viewing the world and universe through a cosmic perspective.  This connection grew more deeply from an early age, helping him explore its relevance in art and his life, ultimately shaping the direction he would take that no other had pursued.

The launch of ‘Cosmic X’ was an auspicious moment, as it was precisely 30 years after Mr Armstrong’s close relative – Neil Armstrong landed on the Moon. His fascination with space travel and listening to the stories told by the famous astronaut had solidified the future names of many paintings attributing man’s quest to explore space.

One of these paintings, offered in the seven for the charity as mentioned earlier, is ‘Cosmic Space X’, which will set Mr Armstrong a record sale of $220 million USD.

It could be argued that no other form of modern art can compare with Mr Armstrong’s ‘Cosmic X Collection’ in both its relevance in American modern art and rarity. Labelled by Andy Warhol as the ‘The Last Modern Wizard of Art’, it is a fitting title that has stood the test of time.

And now, it is hoped that Mr Armstrong can begin a new and lasting legacy of using art to mobilise artists and collectors worldwide to help the children of Ukraine.


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The seven artworks:

Cosmic #1

Cosmic Dream

Cosmic Space X

Cosmic X #1

Cosmic X Paradigm

The Last Wizard

Warhol Naked


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