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How many pieces of art has Jack produced?

Jack has produced 100 pieces of art, with just 25 paintings and 4 material works still available.

What is the listing price for Jack's art?

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What can I expect during the buying process?

Jack Armstrong’s main strength for the investor may be his drastic policy regarding microstructure of the art market. His notorious rebellious attitude towards art establishment has been lasting for decades and has nourished an interesting alternative to classical dealership: he has fully vertically integrated the supply chain of his own market. As a major consequence for the art investor, there is no dealers’ margin on his sales, hence a frictionless economic environment, usually only devoted to traditional financial assets.
As a side effect to his aversion for dealers, his natural and sincere commitment to the purity of the relationship with his collectors is highly attractive to consumers. By offering this particular value-proposal to the art market, he has managed to position himself as a safe-haven for high quality contemporary American art. This business model is, to our knowledge, unique in its own right for high-end contemporary art that is usually distorted by pushy dealers.
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